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Illustration Class

Want to create your own scenes and images from scratch?  Have a favorite childhood story you’ve always wanted to see illustrated or re-illustrated? In this class you will learn how to:
1) Compile a collection of pictures to serve as inspiration for your illustration;
2) Take elements of those pictures—and paired with your own imagination—create an original scene from the ground up.  
You will learn the basics of sketching out a scene/image in pencil, drawing clean pen outlines, and how to then fill with watercolor to make a colorful, eye-catching illustration.  Each student will end up with two to three original watercolor & pen illustrations to take home with them. 
All supplies except for pens will be provided by Heritage Arts.  Further details will be released upon signing up.
: For ages 14 -21
: Limited to 8 attendees
: Cost: $90

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